CMM – Connected mobile Machines & Mobility - Technologies, Solutions, Ecosystems (06 and 07 October 2022, Hanover Fairgrounds, Technology Academy):

CMM – The industry meeting place for a new age of mobile, autonomous and intelligently networked systems and machines starts in Hanover on October 6.

  • Intelligent and autonomous vehicles as well as mobile machines are in focus - users will find concrete solutions in Hannover.
  • Two-day conference offers innovations, know-how and best practice examples from renowned companies such as Siemens, Vantage Towers or Qualcomm and invites to cross-industry networking.
  • The added value for participants is the close integration of the program, exhibition and live presentations as well as showcases: everything is practical and tangible.
  • VDMA Electrical Automation, the unmanned systems association CURPAS and 5G-ACIA (Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation), are partners of the event and bring the latest developments to the conference stage as well as the exhibition.
  • Hanover. On October 6 and 7, 2022, the CMM - Connected Mobile Machines - Technologies, Solutions, Ecosystems congress will be held in Hannover. The industry get-together will be held as a compact two-day specialist conference with an accompanying expo in the Technology Academy at the Hannover exhibition center. The congress fair shows the importance of intelligent, autonomous vehicles and mobile machines for various industries.

    The close interlinking of the conference program, exhibition and live presentations is clearly visible to users: everything is presented in a practical and tangible way and discussed on the conference stage.

    "CMM is enormously important for visitors*, as this event brings the latest technological solutions and innovations around connectivity and mobility solutions to the stage. Visitors* can listen to various expert presentations and exchange ideas with other industry participants* on the latest trends in the networking of machines and vehicles," says Hartmut Rauen, Deputy Managing Director of VDMA, "Europe's economy needs this annual hot spot of this highly dynamic technology field and market."

    The entire field of mobility services is facing groundbreaking changes, be it in transport & logistics, agribusiness or even the public sector. At CMM, the latest technical developments as well as possibilities and approaches for completely new business models will be discussed. Various topics related to the networking of machines and vehicles will be the focus of the CMM Conference 2022, with the aim of promoting the exchange of research and development of technologies in the various mobility industries and components and leveraging synergy effects.

    "The technologies, suppliers and users are in a dynamic growth field. We are seeing strong development in the automotive, transportation and logistics, and smart farming sectors. Current and future developments around wireless technologies and mobility solutions will lead to a quantum leap in these and all areas of industry - such as smart supply chain solutions or autonomous mobile machines," says Hartmut Rauen, Deputy Managing Director of VDMA, "but developments will also have a strong impact on a societal level, for example in the context of smart city or public safety, such as networked ambulances, emergency drones or cooperative systems for dynamic traffic light control for emergency vehicles. This is what makes CMM so relevant and necessary to remain at the forefront of connectivity and mobility solutions as an industry in the future, explains Rauen.

    Topics in the exhibition area include M2M communications and positioning via wireless networks, automation solutions for mobile systems, test and inspection solutions for mobile use, campus networks, and security and legal frameworks.

    The CMM is aimed specifically at users and addresses people from research and design, product development and product management, software development, business development as well as plant management and production planning. It is aimed at companies in the following sectors: agriculture, construction, energy and environment, media, metals and electronics (including mechanical engineering and shipbuilding), the public sector, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and transport and logistics.

    CMM partners are the Electrical Automation Association of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), the Unmanned Systems Association CURPAS and 5G-ACIA (Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation).

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