From October 6-7, the industry will meet in Hanover on the topic of "Connected Mobile Machines & Mobility" at CMM 2022. What expectations do you associate with this event?

First and foremost, I want to establish direct contact with the many players who are helping to make Europe more digital and sustainable. After only virtual exchanges were possible in recent years due to the pandemic, I am particularly looking forward to the personal contacts. I am sure that new ideas, opportunities and lasting relationships will emerge at CMM. Also, Vantage Towers is new to the market, and I want my industry colleagues to get to know us better and learn what we are doing to advance digital Europe.

Mobile autonomous systems may still sound theoretical to many people. Where do you see the markets and areas of application for such solutions?

Mobile autonomous systems are used in many markets. It is a general-purpose technology that can be used almost anywhere where machines are moving and a human is safely controlling them. Some relevant examples include manufacturing, logistics, mining, ports and airports, agriculture and livestock, healthcare, and probably the most demanding of all applications: Transportation from trains, ships, planes to trucks, buses and cars.

Are intelligent mobile systems more something for use in companies or do you also see areas of application in people's everyday lives? In other words, will our roads and cities change as a result of the use of such solutions?

Yes, our roads and cities will change through the use of intelligent mobile systems; they will become safer, cleaner, more sustainable and more livable. However, these applications are more complex and will take more time to reach their full potential. Industrial applications are more specific and easier to implement and are therefore already being used in many places.